“By making the most of classic techniques and impeccable attention to detail, I coax the very best out of each individual ingredient, elevating tastes and textures into a delightful symphony of flavours, which is a traditional Portuguese technique with a modern twist.

Moreover, I believe that food presentation is an essential part to the success of a dish which can tempt people’s eyes and make them crave to indulge in.

When I first arrived at Taipa Village, the streets and architecture were reminiscent of my hometown Lisbon. It is said home is a feeling, not a place, and such uncanny resemblance makes me surely feel like at home.

I am looking forward to bring my culinary expertise and finesse I acquired through high-end hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK and Portugal to Antonio. It is truly exciting to be working together with Antonio’s talented kitchen team to develop new recipes and creative ideas “

– Chef David Abreu




– 廚師David Abreu